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Torpedo game got it's inspiration from a malayalam cartoon animation movie 'Torpedo' bui...

Swami Vivekananda

This app is developed in connection with 150th birth anniversary celebrations of Swami Vivekananda. ...

iOS Development

Attez Technologies initiated a new unit of development out of a demand for high quality iphone, ipad and mac os application development and design. Having completed more than 20 unique projects, our expertise leverage the capabilities of iOS devices in unique ways. From three-dimentional modeling to deep integration into existing infrastructure.   We deployed our first iPhone app in August 2010 and since then we have done over 1500 hours of iPhone and iPad app and game development. That makes us the unique company in CA who have started offering custom iPhone & iPad application and game development to our clients.   We take care of everything from project scope planning, branding, design, user experience, development, and deployment on the apple store. We offer iPhone and iPad app/game development, either as a stand alone or as an integral part of a web service. We can provide development in fields like games, social networking utilities and intranet mobile solutions.   You may choose to sell your iphone App on the iTune's app store, or use it only within your organization with your team members as a productivity tool. Our iphone development services are as following:  

Video Games (2D and 3D) any content

There are over 200000 games available in app store. Ever since the success of iphone, the percentage of resources dedicating their time to App/Game development in iphone/ipad is phenomenal. We have developed over 100 successful games for different clients. We are in the process of developing a game that will be released in a months time.   We undertake work from getting the requirements from the client until the deployment of the game. We use latest solutions in developing 2D and 3D based games like COCOS2D, COCOS3D, CORONA etc..  

Social Networking & Read-Write Web

Even though iPhone is marketed as mobile phone, we would like to see it as a mobile social networking device that puts us in a many-to-many connection with the outside world. After all "Phone" is just one of the many applications shipped with the iPhone!   Using this category of iphone applications, your customers and team members are able to remain connected to any of the existing major social networks and Read-Write-Web portals such as: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc.   Your end users can produce and upload content (pictures, videos, audio, and text) to these social networking websites.   We can also help you develop your own custom social network of any kind for Networking, Intranet, Project Management, or Citizen's Journalism purposes and then help your end users stay connected to those websites using a custom developed iPhone app.  

Publishing & Broadcasting

iPhone applications are great tools for sending and receiving published content and data. This is often achieved by allowing the iphone app to rely on a publishing platform on the internet: i.e a blog or a custom Content Management System (CMS)   In this setup, users can either publish content from their iphone apps to the publishing platform, or the other way around, you'd be able to push out content from the web to all the people who are using your iphone application.  

Navigation & Utility Apps

These are iphone applications that make certain tasks easier in our lives. All kinds of specialized calculators and data gathering tools for Medical, Financial, or Scientific purposes fit in this category. Utility iPhone apps may operate independently or rely on a service delivered to the smart phone over the web.