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Torpedo game got it's inspiration from a malayalam cartoon animation movie 'Torpedo' bui...

Swami Vivekananda

This app is developed in connection with 150th birth anniversary celebrations of Swami Vivekananda. ...

Customized Software

One of our key areas is to focus on creating applications that are generic in nature and tailor make it for specific customer needs. We are in the process of creating applications such as CRM, Enterprise Reporting etc that can be highly customized to satisfy your business needs.
Many times packaged software and solutions do not meet the expectations of the end user, landing the IT heads of businesses to make internal systems and custom solutions. It may be small integration with existing software or complete solution from scratch, Attez has been helping various customers across the globe achieve that extra edge by designing and delivering solutions tailored specifically as per the needs of our customers.
Attez helps such customers with consultancy approach by behaving not just an outsourcing vendor but be a part of the client's business, further understanding the needs with the help of our highly efficient analysts framing the path for technical team to further architect and create a tailor made software for complex needs.
With our flexible approach, we help our clients with, Onsite analysis of exact needs for custom software. Suggest fastest solution with help of existing pre built architecture. Creating globally accepted and standard documents which become part of total life cycle of software requirements. Executing software development lifecycles with highly efficient team of developers and project managers. Delivering and deploying end solutions at client side whenever required. Supporting the ongoing maintenance activity for such custom software solutions.
Attez has experience in space of delivering custom solutions of not just business but also national importance to its customers. We can easily boast to be one of the companies carrying experience in delivering most complex and big software cycles with ease to end user.
Attez understands importance of quality and is flexible in terms of warranty provided to customers with free support post-delivery to check and accept the product in real testing environment. It also helps the clients by making similar production environments checking the performance for making the software robust to support those bottlenecks and reduce the long term production costs.
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